Martin Anguilli - DIRECTOR

Recently Inducted into the Buglers Hall of Fame (2013) Marty marched with Utica Boys, Black Hawks, Executives, Interstatesmen, Brigadiers and finally the New York Skyliners. After drum corps he occasionally played clubs in and around the Tampa area.  He was instrumental in forming Florida Brass along with Roy Grant.


Jeff brings a wealth of drum corps and musical experience to the Florida Brass. He holds a degree in Music Theory & Composition, studying under Dr. Gundaris Pone, at SUNY New Paltz.

Jeff began his instructing career in 1973, working with the Kingston Indians. He moved from an assistant brass instructor to become the brass caption head, brass arranger, and program coordinator. Over the years he has worked with several drum corps, most notably the Sunrisers, Bushwackers, and Hurricanes. In addition, as a member of Three Tenors, won two first place medals in DCA I&E competition.

Jeff also has a lengthy history as a music adjudicator. Over the years, he was selected to judge the DCI World Class Finals seven times, along with championships for Drum Corps Japan, Drum Corps Europe, and Bands of America. He currently judges for Bands of America, FFCC, NYSFBC, ISSMA, and FMBC. He has been the brass caption head for DCI, DCE, DCA and also judge coordinator for the New York State Field Band Conference.

Stephen Cooley - Assisting HORNS   (Winter Months)

Steve Cooley began his career playing a baritone horn for the junior Appleknockers from 1961 - 1972.  In 1970, he became their brass arranger and instructor.  He has also arranged for the Dunkirk Patriots, Hamburg Kingsmen, Pittsburgh Rockets, Rochester Phoenix, Rochester Crusaders, Steel City Ambassadors, and Guelph Royalaires.  He began a 25 year association as arranger and instructor with the Erie Thunderbirds in 1979.  He was the arranger and instructor for the Syracuse Brigadiers when the corps became active again as a parade unit in 1991 and when they returned to the contest field in 1992.  Steve also was brass instructor for the DCA World Champion Empire Statesmen in 2004.  Steve has judged music with the New York All American Judges, New York State Federation of Contest Judges, DCA, and DCI.

Ron Daw - DRUMS

Ron joined the Pittsburgh Rockets in 1969 marching with them until 1972, while also teaching area Jr. Corps and high school band drum lines.

In 1973 he moved to Miami and, at the request of Dick Filkins, joined the Miami Vanguards.  He also judged some local area high school band competitions and did a stint playing in a country band.

After many years, once again, at the request of Dick Filkins, Ron joined the Florida Brass.